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Looking for a fast-paced, arcade-style iOS game? Download Squared 2.

Avoid red squares as long as possible to maximize your score. Acquire green and yellow squares to gain power-ups. With a variety of challenging enemies, you will keep coming back for more!

Think outside the Square! Available now on the App Store.

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Squared 2 is a game that challenges your dexterity as you steer the player square around the screen, avoiding enemy squares and picking up power-ups. With increasing difficulty and challenging enemies, your skill will be tested as you try to see how long you can last.

Green power-ups help you recover from damage taken by running into red squares. The game ends once you take two hits in a row, so be sure to look out for these! Yellow power-ups clear the entire screen of enemy squares, so be on the lookout to grab one when you need to get out of a tight jam.

Colliding with red squares damages you, so do your best to avoid them. Most squares move slowly, but be on the lookout for squares that can move in other ways. You may encounter spinning squares, dashing squares, pausing squares, and potentially others.

Each survival run lasts a few minutes, which makes Squared 2 perfect for quick gaming sessions while you are on the go.

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gameplay screenshot that demonstrates the health powerup gameplay screenshot that demonstrates the screen clearing powerup gameplay screenshot that shows normal enemy characters gameplay screenshot that shows enemy characters that pause gameplay screenshot that shows enemy characters that spin gameplay screenshot that shows the player after taking damage